Blackpool Illuminations Gallery

Photo - Figure of thief and donkey from Ali Baba tableauThese pages contain galleries of my work (and other photos of interest) whilst working as an artist at Blackpool Illuminations.

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Link - Concertina Critters 2009

Concertina Critters 2009

Old favourites get a CowParade style make-over

Link - Dr Who Davros 2009

Dr Who Davros 2009

Davros is added to the ever growing Dr Who section

Link - Dr Who 2008

Dr Who 2008

Extension of popular Dr Who section including new pictures and 3-D models of the Tardis and the Daleks

Link - Grand Theatre Slides 2008

Grand Theatre Slides 2008

A slightly different job projecting images onto Blackpool's Grand Theatre

Link - Local Heads 2008

Local Heads 2008

Local residents star in a section of the illuminations

Link - Venus Reborn 2008

Venus Reborn 2008

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen designs a beautiful animated tableau with lighting, music and water effects

Link - Competition Winners 2007

Competition Winners 2007

Illuminations competition winners get their own family portrait feature

Link - Decodance 2007

Decodance 2007

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen designs some elegant road features

Link - Dr Who Maquettes 2007

Dr Who Maquettes 2007

Results of carving demonstration

Link - Egyptian Tableau 2007

Egyptian Tableau 2007

Illuminations family favourite gets a new back scene

Link - Air Ambulance 2006

Air Ambulance 2006

Sponsorship board for the North West Air Ambulance charity

Link - Alice in Wonderland 2006

Alice in Wonderland 2006

Remake of an illuminations classic

Link - Fire and Water 2006

Fire and Water 2006

A bit of maintenance work

Link - Pirate Tableau 2006

Pirate Tableau 2006

Spruce up for very large tableau which features loads of animation and fun characters

Link - Ali Baba 2005

Ali Baba 2005

Large new animated tableau based on Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

For photographs showing the process of a feature being made, take a look at my Making of a Blackpool Illumination pages.