Non-Conformity 2001

Photo - Non-Conformity 2001An early body of work, Non-Conformity represents an attack on the media and advertisers for their efforts to force us to conform to an increasingly unattainable ideal. It seeks to challenge the unrealistic images of the slim, beautiful, youthful and ever fashionable.

The strong weighting of female to male imagery is intentional, but the inclusion of a male figure illustrates how the ideal is now being extended to men. With the destruction of this perfect image before them, I hope to persuade the viewer to take back their individuality and cry death to the monotony of the factory made Barbie clone.

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Link - Barbie Grave

Barbie Grave

No more perfect figure, hair and teeth

Link - Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Don't like a bit of your body? Replace or enhance it...

Link - Open Grave

Open Grave

For our dignity or for artificiality?

Link - Fashion Bound

Fashion Bound

Break free of the chains of the fashion industry

Link - Open Grave II

Open Grave II

For our individuality or for conformity?

Link - Action Man

Action Man

The ideal is increasingly being extended to men