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Greetings from Australia

Hi Sarah, greetings from Australia. I enjoyed looking at your work and look forward to seeing more in the future. This is just a quick note today after viewing your Dr Who creations. Contact you again when I have looked at more of your work :)

Peter Green (Coniston NSW, Australia) - 20/03/2010

Just a quick message...

Just a quick message to say OMG! I think your work is absolutely fantastic!!! I went to art college for 5 years and have such a passion in making and designing things, it nice to see someone who has as much passion as I have. Sorry if I have taken your time by reading this but i thought i would write to tell you how great your stuff is.

Tina Gates (Hants, England) - 01/12/2009

Praise ;-)

Great work Sarah, especially the Dr Who illuminations. Found you via BBC website! Great stuff!!

Raithy (Lancashire, England) - 26/09/2009

Logo - EasierThan Website DesignGreat Site!

Thanks for choosing EasierThan Website Design to design your website. It has been a genuine pleasure learning all about Blackpool Illuminations and how they are made. Let me know if you hear of anyone else who wants a website creating.

Dave Barton (Blackpool, England) - 04/09/2009


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