Family 2002

Photo - Family 2002Family, a series in white form, continues an earler theme of material used to embody emotions and experiences within the family unit. The aim is to present pieces which are aesthetically pleasing to the viewer, yet also provide some depth and meaning.

Once more, wool is intended to represent warmth, softness, caring and love, whilst the delicate petals of a flower illustrate growth and nurture. Each piece is named simply according to the materials used and it is ultimately left to the viewer to provide the meanings most appropriate to themselves.

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Link - Metal Filings

Metal Filings

punishment, death, illness, anger, father, loneliness, isolation

Link - Blue Wool

Blue Wool

belonging, family, childhood, safety, mother

Link - Flower


growth, nurture, sister, truth, holidays, precious moments

Link - Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

authority, restriction, control, adolescence

Link - Green Wool

Green Wool

warmth, softness, love, family, birth, youth, hugs

Link - Crackle Glaze

Crackle Glaze

tension, despair, helplessness, jealousy, insecurity

Link - Feathers


safety, trust, comfort, hope, birth, home